Where is my common sense?

I’ve said I don’t fully believe in sensory processing disorder – but I’m not sure that is really true.  I think I was in a funk the day I wrote that, and question myself enough that I’m thinking of removing that post.  Because I don’t act like I don’t believe in it and the more reading I do the more I incorporate the ‘lingo’ into my conversations with DH.  Plus we’ve had a couple things pop up this week that are totally sensory and if I was really a non-believer, I wouldn’t be dealing with them, right? 

 The big issue right now is that G’s preschool is going to have their first fire drill on Wednesday.  DH and I are a bit panicked.  You see, one of G’s biggest triggers is sudden, loud noises.  We’ve never made it through a parade.  The chaos puts him on edge to start and then if the parade has a flatbed truck that blows it’s airhorn – instant meltdown.  If he sees a fire engine, even one that is parked at the curb, he immediately grabs my hands and presses them to his ears, just in case.  I’m having visions of G completely freaking out on Wednesday where he sits and screams and refuses to move.  Or even worse, he freaks and screams and bolts from the room, pushing children down the stairs in his rush to get out of the building.  Or he begins the mother of all meltdowns and is unable to calm himself once the drill is over.  This doesn’t even start to touch on what the disruption to his routine will do to the rest of his day.

 We’ve considered keeping him home from school that day, but it doesn’t seem like a viable option.  He is going to have to learn about fire drills sometime and I’d rather he freak out at a fire drill than an actual fire.  I’m going to email his teacher and case worker to warn them and ask for suggestions.  I really want to be in the class for the drill but I’m worried that would be counter-productive.  As soon as I’m sure I can discuss it with him without injecting my own sense of anxiety we’ll start coaching him.  Other ideas we’re considering are earphones, earmuffs and earplugs.  I’m not sure if he’ll use them, but I might make them available in his cubby just in case. 

And finally, a funny sensory story.

If your child has a virus that keeps them home from school for a week,

And you let him swing on the new sensory swing you’ve installed for over an hour,

And you give him the cup of milk he requests and let him drink it while he’s swinging because he’s having so much fun

He’s going to puke all over the carpet.

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