Holiday Shakeups

The fire drill went wonderfully!!  I had discussed our concerns with G’s teacher and she invited me to come to the class and help out.  She is such an understanding teacher.  I arrived a few minutes before the scheduled fire drill armed with earplugs and earmuffs but G wanted nothing to do with either of them.  So I helped get him and some other preschoolers dressed and in line to wait for the fire alarm to go off.  When it did, G looked up at me and his eyes got huge but he didn’t panic.  The line started moving out the door and he just followed along.  Once he got outside he was perfectly fine.  Proving once again that predicting what is going to set G off is darn near impossible for us.

Other than the fire drill day, G has had a tough week at school.  He missed the entire week before due to illness and this being the last week before the holidays means the classroom routine was usurped by special events.  We believe that this major disruption to his routine is the cause of the problems, but then again I can’t be certain.  For the last two weeks he has been extremely contrary and argues with us about everything.  We initially thought it was because he was sick but it didn’t change as he got better.  He was happy to go to school on Monday and had a great day.  Tuesday he started arguing with me on the drive to school over silly things.  Like, is that a red car or a green car, is it sunny or rainy, is it Tuesday or Saturday.  I let everything go but he seemed to realize I was patronizing him and that really set him off.  When we got to school and I was taking his coat off, he decided he did not want to be at school.  I figured if I left him alone he’d settle in, so I warned his teacher that we had a hard morning and left.  20 minutes later I got a call from the teacher.  G was hiding under a bench inconsolably crying and couldn’t be coaxed out.  I quickly got back to the school and brought him home. 

The next 2 days, including the fire drill day, G got frowny faces on his sticker chart for hitting other kids.  Then Friday, the teachers took the preschoolers to a concert given by the older kids in the school.  As soon as they sat down, G had a major fit about wanting to go back to the class which escalated into a full scale meltdown.  I again got a call to come pick him up because they couldn’t get him calmed.  His attitude hasn’t gotten any better with all the Christmas preparations.  I love the holidays, but right now I am longing to get back to the grindstone in January.  I think restoring our routine is the only thing that will bring my darling boy back.

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