A New Year, a New Strategy

The newest installment in the ongoing saga to figure out what makes our son tick.  When we last left our hero, he had successfully navigated the dreaded fire drill but stumbled on other occasions when his daily routine was usurped by holiday festivities.  Because the remainder of the holiday season was anything but routine, chaos ensued.  Our superhero parents battled on valiantly, supported by the grandmother sidekicks who stepped in for sleepovers.  The sidekicks reported no problems at all with the G-man, due mostly to their nefarious plan of offering unlimited christmas cookies while never ever uttering the dreaded n-o word.  Thus planting the idea that our troubles with G were overstated.  With that, the holiday season came to a welcome end.

Now we’re back home and trying to figure out how to get G successfully re-integrated into school.  Our current  plan involves tweaking our home routine.  Prior to this, we had tried to walk the line between G’s dependence on a rigid routine and trying to encourage flexibility by following a schedule on school days but being loose on the weekends.  I still think this is a good idea, but it seems to not work for us right now.  And I can’t see that thrusting him back into routine without a warm up could bring any good. 

So we’ve printed out a daily schedule, like you see on the nanny tv shows, that we plan to follow strictly for the next 4 days as we wrap up our holiday break.  It would get him fed and dressed at the same time that he would if it was a school day.  Then we’re planning activity times loosely based on what he would be doing at school.  For example, reading books with him when he’d be in circle time, puzzles and activity book time during his ‘work’ time – or whatever errands we need to do that day, lunch at the same time as his school lunchtime and active stuff during his recess time.  The active time would be the only time we’d let him play the W.ii, which he quickly became addicted to after Christmas.  The rest of the day we’d be able to follow our normal, slightly more flexible routine because it would be the same every day.  A little tv time, a little board game or craft project time, maybe an outing if we had errands that didn’t get done in the morning, then dinner, bath and bed.

I sure hope this works!

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