My wildest dream

I’m participating in a women’s skiing/snowboarding clinic this week with an adventure theme.  The evening’s event was a speaker that teaches seminars for women about how to achieve your wildest dreams.  She went around the room and asked everyone to speak their wildest dream out loud.  Everyone had pretty amazing goals – to go on an African safari, to build a self sustaining house all on their own, to live in Italy for an entire year, to climb a mountain. 

 I had one of those high school nightmare moments, the kind where you dream you walk to the front of the class to give your report not knowing your skirt is tucked into your underwear.  When it came my turn to speak, I made up something about wanting to see the Olympics one day and now find I’m angry with myself.  I should have been honest and told the room that my dream, and my goal, is to raise G to the best of my ability.  And that goal isn’t measured by his achievements – I don’t care if he is the first Heisman winning, world series mvp, president of the united states.  (although I’m not ruling that out)  I just want him to be a healthy, happy adult who has close relationships with people who love and care for him the way I do.

 It’s not a flashy dream.  But it is my dream.

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