Double Whammy

G’s had a sniffly cold this past week but has been functioning pretty well as long as we keep up with the decongestants.  But yesterday his eyes started turning pink and he started rubbing them a lot.  He looked miserable this morning so we took him into the doctor.

 Turns out, G has pink eye in both eyes and a double ear infection that has ruptured one of his eardrums.  I feel horrible for not catching this earlier, but he hasn’t acted in a way that would make me think he was really ill.  He’s been a little crankier than normal but not unmanageable – in line with what I would expect if he had just a cold.  He hasn’t mentioned any pain or pulled at his ears.  He hasn’t been running a fever.  He hasn’t complained about his eyes either, but the rubbing was a give-away.  His OT mentioned the possibility of coming up with a feeling chart of some kind so he could better communicate physical symptoms when he is unwell.  Because unless we can see his nose running, or coughing, or vomiting, he never lets on that he’s sick.

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