Feeling Positive

We had our meeting with G’s teacher and his caseworker and it was a very positive experience.  We were able to get some ideas for managing G’s behavior, like a token board to reward positive behaviors to compliment the sticker chart we use to track good and bad days at school.  It was also suggested that dh and I participate in a 6 week social/emotional training program.  I’m not clear on the details but it will supposedly help us encourage empathy and constructive expression of emotions with G on a daily basis.  It sounds pretty interesting so we are going to start it next week while G is in school. 

G’s teacher had good things to say and encouraged us to send him to her for kindergarten next year.  Our major reservation is that would mean another year of dealing with the director who is not on “Team-G.”  But the benefits of having a teacher that is already familiar and on board with G’s challenges and having G in an environment that is already familiar to him outweighs the negatives.  G’s teacher also had a graph showing behavior infractions by month.  The beginning of November was not good for G, but by the end he had really settled down.  The interesting thing is mid-month is when we started consistently using the brushing/buzzing protocols taught to us by his OT.  December was much better, which coincided with the installation of G’s therapy swing.  January was pretty darn good.  While his behavior was pretty awful at home, he was great in school.  I’ll take that any day!

 Also this week was the conclusion of G’s preschool ski program.  Dh and I tagged along for the last session to see what G could do and what we needed to know to ski with him.  G was awesome!  He made great turns with superb control and got on and off the lift like a pro.  Today, we had our first family ski day.  We did 2 runs, which was just about as much as G could handle.  It was fantastic!  We had so much fun and G got some great exercise.  I feel like I just lived out a fantasy family moment.

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  1. Hi – I stumbled on your blog doing the “random blog” – and just wanted to say “hi” and as parents you and your husband and doing the right things. All the love and hugs and postitive reinforcements are just going to enhance all your lives in the long run.

    As a mom of an Asperger’s teen, I can tell you it’s not always an easy road, but one worth the trip.

    Hugs from one Aspie mom to another – stay postive! 🙂

  2. My first comment! Thank you, Debora. It is so nice to hear from another mom that we are on the right track.

  3. Knowing your not alone is really important when you’ve got a special needs child – I know.

    Just wanted to pass along this website for when you start having special education questions – it’s run by a husband and wife lawyer team and it really helped me when approaching the school with what my son needed.


    Best of luck!

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