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I don’t believe vaccines cause autism.  I’ve read the studies presented by both sides of the argument and feel firm in my convictions.  I don’t believe there is an autism epidemic.  I believe the increase in diagnosed cases can be attributed to better awareness and screening on the part of the pediatrician, and the addition of disorders like aspergers to the spectrum.

 I watched the end of Larry King tonight and feel very irritated.  In total fairness, let me stress that I did not see the entire program, I only caught the end.  He had two pediatricians on who wanted to make the case that vaccines or the vaccine schedule cause autism based on the recent concession of the vaccine court in the case of Hannah Poling.  He had Dr Sanjay Gupta on as well, presumably to present the opposing side, but ran out of time before getting to him.

My point is not to rant about Larry King, really.  But I’m upset at the implication the show has for parents.  I feel as if the program and the ‘experts’ are saying that if parents only took the time to educate themselves, they would see the damage they are inflicting on their child by vaccinating.  That parents who choose to vaccinate are mindless sheep following the directions of “big government” because we lack the will to think for ourselves.   I feel like this once again shifts blame to parents for not learning more and doing more. 

That is far from who I am.  I think and learn and do – all day, every day.  I read the news reports on both sides of the issue, then I go further and read the actual study so I can see the evidence for myself.  I do not find the argument that vaccines or the vaccine schedule cause autism to be persuasive.  I understand the parents that rush to Dr Google upon getting a diagnosis to read up on everything they can.  I am that parent too, but I reached a different conclusion.  I don’t need anyone to blame – it is what it is.  But I refuse to accept blame for not learning enough.  Especially when that actually means accepting blame for not agreeing enough.

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