Which path to take?

We met with G’s pediatrician a week ago.  Filled out some questionnaire’s and discussed our concerns while G played with her nurse in another room.  Then she brought G in to the room, chatted with him and got him to read for her.  (G was able to sound out the word stethoscope)  And then laid out our options for us.  In her opinion, based on this appt and our phone conversations throughout the school year, G is definitely on the spectrum but as she is not an expert in asd’s she couldn’t be more specific.  If we wanted to pursue a specific label then she could refer us to the division at Children’s Hospital that diagnoses asd’s.  But her recommendation was to continue our laid back approach and wait for the educational evaluation to answer our questions.

Her reasoning is that we need the educational evaluation to continue G’s level of services within the school system.  She doesn’t see the need for G or the availability in our community for any additional services that would require a medical evaluation.  And she cautioned us that a medical diagnosis can often complicate insurance coverage.

I’m left to muddle through my own feelings about this process.  On one hand, I’m satisfied with the answers we got at this appointment.  She agrees that there is something going on with G.  To know that I am not imagining things or that I am being taken by an overzealous school system is very reassuring.  (both have been implied by well-meaning family members)  On the other hand, my type-a personality is struggling with not pursuing a specific diagnosis.  I worry that I am not doing this “right.”  I find that I have to remind myself that this isn’t about me at all.  This is about what is best for G. 

Which then starts me on a whole new path of worry and confusion.  What is best for G?  15 years from now when G is an adult, will he be satisfied with the decisions we made?  Would he upset about being labeled at a young age if we continued to try and get a medical diagnosis or upset that we decided to float along in a more gray area.  In the end, I have to go with my gut and hope for the best.  I am doing what I feel is best for my son and if that means our process is different from the textbook way to diagnose autism, then that is ok with me.

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