Slow to learn

This past weekend we took G for a haircut.  Across the street from our normal Great Clips was a new Sport Cuts.  It’s a male oriented shop with a sports theme.  They have tv’s mounted everywhere playing whatever game is on that minute and they sell sports logo merchandise at the check out desk.  G thought he would like to try it – he is really into baseball right now and got a kick out of college basketball in march – so we went in and signed him up.  All went well at first, they had a nascar race on and G kept comparing the lead car to Lightning McQueen.

He started getting irritable while waiting and I started to worry.  I started realizing that the ambient noise with the multiple tv’s and the clippers was actually quite high for G.  His name was called and I took him back to his chair.  He got particular about how he wanted things.  He wanted this cape and not that one, he didn’t want a booster, he wanted to watch that  tv only.  In hindsight, I realize he was trying to impose artificial routines to restore his sense of order.  His stylist turned on the clippers to start his haircut – and that was the straw that broke G’s back.  He positively melted in the chair and started crying.  So I called a halt to the haircut and got him out of there.

This is not the first time we’ve been through a situation like this.  I’ve written about his sensory issues more than anything else in this blog alone.  I am incredibly upset with DH and myself.  When are we going to learn what G can and cannot handle before he melts down?  Why couldn’t we recognize shortly after walking in that there were too many tv’s, crazy sports logos all over the walls and noise for him to handle?  How many times is he going to have to go through this before his thickheaded parents finally get their act together?

G, who has never had a problem getting his haircut prior to this, now calls Sport Clips the Scary Barbershop.  I got him calmed, we all ate lunch, and G agreed to try getting a haircut at our normal place.  “But not the scary barbershop,” he said over and over again.  We went to our normal, no tv, no theme, no frills, haven of tranquility barbershop and the haircut was a success.


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