Difficult Moments

I’m so tired.  I am trying so hard to stay upbeat and have a positive attitude.  I’m trying to focus on G’s strengths and imagine all the wonderful things he can do with his gifts.  I’m in danger of coming off as a braggart to my friends because I’ve been talking so much about how smart he is. 

But we’re having some trouble in school again.  When G is corrected for a behavior infraction, his response is to rage at the teacher.  The behavior specialist has been called in again.  We’re making sure to not let things slide at home for the sake of peace and harmony, which can be all to easy to do.  We’re trying to create similar situations as the classroom hoping to see the same negative behaviors so we can problem solve with him and teach better responses. 

I also ordered a new book called “Aspergers Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage and Meltdowns.”   It arrived yesterday and I plan to have it read by the time G comes home from school.  Has anyone else read it?  Did it help you?

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