Kindergarten Roundup

We had a parent/child kindergarten orientation at the elementary school this morning.  It was less than successful, and my expectations were set quite low.  Each preschool in the area has a designated day for these orientations.  Parents bring in their kids, they’re disbursed among the kindergarten classes, they get to do a couple activities with the big kids and go to recess.  G had the anticipated troubles separating from us and getting into a new routine.  DH went to the parent part of the orientation to learn what paperwork we needed to fill out and turn in.  I stayed with G during story time.  He didn’t want to do the drawing activity, even though there were several classmates from his preschool at his table, so I got him settled in front of a big map where he started picking out the places he’s been.  At that point I was able to leave the classroom and head down the hall to the cafeteria where the parent portion of events was taking place.

After about 15 minutes of split listening to the principal and to the hall for potential G troubles, dh slipped out to check how things were going.   He found G happily working on a computer with one of his preschool classmates.  I was finally able to relax, thinking that G would have no further troubles.

15 minutes after that – I hear a frantic G yelling “mom, mom – where are you mom – I can’t find you!”  I rush out to find G running up and down the hall in a panic.  It took quite some time to calm him down.  No other grown up was in the hall with him.  The teacher didn’t notice him leaving the classroom and no other school employee reacted to his yelling.  I was – and am – very upset.  The school knows all about G and knows he is coming to them next year.  The principal and the school secratary knew G by name when we walked in this morning.  I know that a special event like this is not G’s forte, but I expected the school to at least know where he was at all times during the hour I left him in their care. 

G was pretty much done with kindergarten and ready to get out of there after he calmed down.  Luckily, his OT walked by and got him engaged in looking at the classrooms.  We took him out for the last 2 minutes of recess with the other kids so he ended the day on a positive note.  He transitioned back into his preschool easily and I have my fingers crossed that the rest of his day will go smoothly.  At least, until our appointment this afternoon for his kindergarten booster shots…

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