A Great Teacher

If you haven’t already heard of Alex Barton in Port St. Lucie, Florida, click here:


I read this story yesterday, and broke down crying.  This little boy could be my precious G.  G has had substantial behavior problems this year.  We have felt on numerous occasions that the director of the school would be happier if we weren’t there, and have felt as if she were compiling a file for expulsion.  We’ve felt shunned by other parents who were upset that their kids were pushed or hit that day.  I don’t blame them, but it was very uncomfortable for us, prompting us to handle pick up and drop off a little earlier than scheduled to avoid other parents.  To their credit, once word got out that there was something more than brattiness going on, parents became much more friendly and welcoming.  But the beginning of the year was rough.

Through it all, G has had a phenomenal advocate on his side – his teacher.  Miss A is hands down the most amazing teacher I’ve ever encountered in my lifetime.  She was the one who first raised flags that G’s behavior was something more than a child acting out and suggested bringing in the district child behavior specialist.  She has been open to trying new techniques in class suggested by the specialist.  She’s been very communicative with us, letting us know if it was a good or a bad day and telling us a few of the activities G chose that day so we could prompt conversation at dinner.  She has stood between G and other parents who have expressed concern that G was in class with their children.  She even went so far as to track behavior infractions for all the kids in her class and had graphs to show these parents.  Proving to them that G was improving monthly and was not the only child with issues.

Reading this story has made my heart ache.  I want to wrap this little boy up in a huge hug.  It also makes me want to hug Miss A for a long, long time.

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  1. That article is horrifying! I can not imagine anyone who calls him or herself an educator doing something like that – this isn’t “Survivor”! These aren’t even adults – they are CHILDREN! Horrifying! Hugs to you – I have been reading a bit here – you make me chuckle the way you put things. My son is currently being evaluated (again – long story). This time we are looking at Aspergers which really surprised me at first, but the more I read – the more it seems possible. They really are neat little kids though aren’t they?? Fascinating.

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