G’s New Job

School starts Tuesday.  G is very excited and asks several times a day if it is Tuesday yet and has us go over the days of the week between now and Tuesday.  I am very pleased with the school system so far, they appear to be eager to have G and have been proactive in making him feel welcome.  He got a great book from his caseworker over the summer introducing him to his school, his teacher, the supporting adults like the librarian, the principal and the school secretary.  The book had photos of everyone so he’ll be able to recognize everyone and feel less insecure.

Another example of how they’re working to include G came today.  His OT called, she and the group were discussing G and the difficulty we anticipate when he has to transition from one activity to another on a fixed schedule.  We already planned on printing out the schedule and taping it to his desk so he can refer to it throughout the day.  But they had an additional idea.  They asked us to buy G a watch to wear in school.  They’re going to give G the job of ‘timekeeper.’  It will be his job to keep track of the schedule and let his kindergarten teacher know when it is snacktime, art time, lunch time, etc. 

I think this is a fantastic idea.  It plays to his strengths in reading, schedules and process control.  It also has the added benefit of creating situations where he can interact positively with his classmates.  Last year in preschool, when a child wanted a book read his teacher suggested they ask G to read it to them.  G actually learned to hold the book with the pictures facing out while he read upside down.  His classmates started asking him for help with their activities.  It made him very proud and part of the group.  I have high hopes that this new job will do the same when it comes to facilitating peer relationships.

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  1. How awesome! I’m so impressed that someone thought this through so well and took the time to really understand your son and give him a “job” that he’ll be proud of and good at. This is wonderful. You must be so happy!

  2. this is wonderful! how I wish more schools and teachers were this proactive and supportive!

    thanks for visiting my blog!

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