G wanted to play catch.  He let me know by beaning me in the head with the ball. 

Me:  G, if you want to play catch you’ve got to use your words!  Give me a little warning, don’t just throw a ball at my head!

G:  Sorry. 

G:  Look out – I’m going to throw a ball at your head!

Points for effort.  And note to myself, if I want him to say, ‘would you like to play catch,’ then I also need to use my words and be specific.

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  1. BIG giggle! Reminds me of a few years ago, when my son Rocky threw a water balloon that hit my neighbor right in her chest, drenching her translucent white shirt. Rocky just stood there, ogling her bazoombas, and I prompted him: “Rocky, you need to say you’re sorry.” He answered, “But I’m not. I didn’t do it on purpose, and I think she looks much prettier that way.” Eek.

  2. Rofl!!! Cause we gotta laugh, right?

    Glad to hear (er, read?) you are feeling better. I’m still having bad days almost 2 months later… and have gained like 7 pounds!!!!!!!

  3. We learn so much from our kids!!! 🙂

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