Reaching for Patience

Some days, I don’t think I’m cut out for this.  I’m not patient enough, I’m not tolerant enough, I’m not understanding enough.

G has several of the ‘if you give a’ books, like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and If You Give a Moose a Muffin.  I was at the bookstore sans children this weekend (and it was glorious) so to be nice I bought a few more from that series, including If You Give a Pig a Pancake, which I presented to G tonight, certain he would be so happy that I bought him a suprise gift.  Boy was I wrong.

You see, G has read this book in school.  This makes it a school book.  It absolutely cannot be read at home, because it is a school book only.  He asked me to get it out of his room, then he asked me to take it back to the bookstore.  He was starting to huff into a meltdown, so I calmly explained that it is night time and the bookstore is closed so I would take it back in the morning but I would definitely get it out of sight.  Even though what I really wanted to do was have a tantrum of my own to protest the ungratefulness of rejecting a gift I put thought into.  I tucked him back into bed and sulked off, only to have him come out of his room 5 minutes later.  Having the book in the house at all for any length of time is more than he can handle, and he now wants me to throw the book in the trash.  I drew the line there, to me books are sacred.  Which is why I’m having an internal hissy fit.

I’m 35, not 5.  I should be able to deal with a 5 year old who is having trouble with his sense of order being disrupted.  Bur darn it – my feelings are hurt!  And the worst part is that I have a couple other books from this series that I was going to give him throughout the week.  Now my awesome mom thing has been crapped on.  I’m going to go stamp my feet and poke my lip out while I pout my way through some ice cream.

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  1. Don’t these days just suck??????? Sorry, babe. Sucks sucks sucks. (not mocking, being serious)

    We are having one of those days too. Well, actually, a whole WEEK. I am hiding on the computer and letting Dad handle things. I am exhausted, but somehow we find the strength to get through it, don’t we? Have some chocolate and take a hot bath after he goes to bed. I think I may go do that NOW. Dad can deal…

  2. “My awesome mom thing has been crapped on.” How true it is! I’m sorry, but this comment made me chuckle, because it SO reminded me of myself. Our kids really have no idea how fragile we are, do they? 😉

    Hang in there!

    Kia (GOod Enough Mama)

  3. My sons are exactly the same way, always crapping on my “surprise gifts” because they violate some rule of theirs (“I can’t have that DVD because it’s the special edition, not the deluxe edition”; or “That shirt has a 1-millimeter white stripe on it, so there’s no way I’ll ever wear it”.) And I too pout over ice cream, eating spoonfuls straight from the fancy-brand pints that I keep hidden at the back of the freezer so I don’t have to share them with my houseful of party poopers (nyah nyah).

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