Parenting Peeves

DH and I are a pretty good team, and mostly agree on how to handle G.  Except for one petty little thing that is really bugging me.  He doesn’t let G dress himself. 

G gets up very early, and neither of us are morning people so we have a system where we take turns getting up with G and taking him to school, giving the other person a sleep-in.  On my mornings, I set out G’s clothes and he removes his pajamas and puts his own clothes on.  It definitely takes a long time, I have to set aside 30 minutes to be safe and have to prompt often along the way.  But it is a life skill that is necessary so I think it is worth the effort.

On DH’s morning, he gets out G’s clothes, undresses him and re-dresses him.  He’s done in 5 minutes and they’re off to school.  Obviously it is easier and less frustrating, but doesn’t get G where he needs to be in the long run. 

If this is our biggest parenting conflict, than we are extremely lucky.  Mentioning my irritation would only create a big argument out of a little detail so I’m working hard to bite my tongue.  After all, G gets practice every-other-day so he’ll eventually get it.  But it isn’t being done ‘right’ and I’m having a hard time letting it go!

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  1. Totally getting it here. Isn’t it great to air your peeves here and then let them go out in the real world? Good for you.

  2. “Isn’t it great to air your peeves here and then let them go out in the real world?”

    Yes!! I was so close to exploding this morning because I woke up cranky. If I didn’t air my frustration here, I would have create a bad day in the house over something totally stupid.

  3. If that is your biggest issue then you are pretty darn lucky…and I agree, blogging is a great way to vent!

  4. YOu’re more patient, that’s the issue. My Little Man can and will dress himself, but he’s so slow usually that I just do it for him because it’s painful to watch him do it alone and I can’t be bothered waiting around. Patience. You’ve got it. Your Hubby and I? Not so much… 🙂

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