Should Have Known Better

I don’t invest a lot of money in clothing for G because he is so hard on them.  Particularly his shirts.  I’ll spend more on pants if they have good double stitching and reinforced knees, but for shirts I try to spend $10 or less by shopping clearance sales and outlets.  I made an exception recently and bought him a super cute ski shirt that cost $40 but was intended to be a thermal layer for ski season this year.  Here is the shirt I bought him, the way it is intended to look:

He loves the spider on the front and asked to wear it to school this week.  As G never ever expresses interest in what he wears, I happily let him have an opinion and let him wear it to school yesterday. 

And then, he ate the shirt!  I wish I was kidding, but G is a terrible chewer.  We have dozens of chewy tubes and chewelry scattered all over the house and at school, but he has the ability to zero in on the most expensive item available to him and chews that instead.  Here is how the shirt came home:


The two holes are easy to see.  He also mangled the zipper on the front so it won’t open all the way (getting him undressed was fun) and he totally chewed off the corner of the collar.  This morning on the way to school, he was complaining that his tooth hurt.  I bet it does!  I have to figure out a way to break him of this chewing before his permanent teeth start coming in and he ruins them.

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  1. My son used to eat all the collars and cuffs of his shirts. Drove me nuts! I tried giving him chewies (recommended by the OT), buying him wristbands to chew on — nothing worked. So now, I’m with you. All his shirts are from yard sales and Goodwill (and now, so are mine, because it’s so darned cheap!).

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