Hockey Boy

The mom of G’s classmate approached me this afternoon to let me know that there are still spots open on her son’s hockey team, and that her son thinks it is a lot of fun and would love to have G there.  Which sent my head spinning.  My first reaction was, “Oh no, G would get overwhelmed and start pushing and shoving, maybe hit with the sticks instead of playing nice.”  Then I realized — this is what hockey is all about.  Grown men are always in the penalty box for not playing nicely with the other hockey players.  As long as we teach him to throw the gloves off first, he’ll fit right in.  Maybe this is the perfect sport to introduce G to team activities! 

Seriously, I’d love to have G take part in an activity like this.  But I’m so torn.   Swimming lessons over the summer went well without tagging him as autistic but for ski PE we’re enrolling him in the adaptive program.  Hockey falls somewhere in the middle.  Would the parks and rec dept even be willing to take G on if we let them know he has Aspergers?  Would this experience overwhelm him just when he’s getting into the groove in school, thus causing setbacks?  Do the benefits of social interactions with peers in a structured activity outweigh the risks?  What would we have to do to facilitate this?  I’ll say it again, my mind is spinning.  It is sometimes so difficult to decide what is fun for G and what is not.

PS – I tried to come up with a Sarah Palin-esqe hockey reference but ‘hockey boy’ was the best I could do.

PPS- I edited to fix a couple of misspellings and gramatical errors.  I don’t use bloglines so I don’t know if this constantly shows up as new posts.  If it does, sorry for the irritation.

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  1. Just looking around the boggesphere today. Glad to find yours. Just so you know there is a “Special Needs Hockey”. Just Google it, and pick the team closest to you. I have to drive my son 30 miles to get to one, but it’s well worth it. Maybe someday we’ll join the regular teams.

  2. What a great idea! Unfortunately, it looks like our closest team is in Denver, which would be a 9 hour drive. But I still thank you for the information, it will remind me to check for other special needs teams as his interests change through the years.

  3. It’s hard to know what to do in these situations, isn’t it? I too struggle with how much to push Little Man into situations because the benefit might outweight the discomfort. But I never feel sure that I’m making/have made the right decision until I see the outcome. Sorry, I guess I’m not much help. I do get it, though…

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