Contests Are Fun

I’ve written about G’s trouble with contests.  He has a hard time understanding that he probably won’t win.  He expects that if he follows the steps for entry and does everything ‘right,’ then he should win.  His school has a program where teachers can award tickets to the kids that have a good day in class and display positive behavior.  The kids get to go to the office an put their tickets in a big box. On assembly day a handful of tickets are drawn and those kids win a prize.

His teacher wrote us an email to warn us that today is assembly day.  G is sure he is going to win a prize.  We spent a substantial amount of time coaching him yesterday, G’s teacher has spent time coaching the class.  I told him he probably would not win, and we practiced saying, “Oh well, I’ll try again.  Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.”  The closest G got was, “Oh well, I’ll win next time.”  I’ll take a potential deferred tantrum over a an immediate sure thing any day. 

I hope today goes well.  Stay tuned…

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  1. oh man, I was hoping this entry would end with… “Wouldn’t ya know it, HE WON!!!!!”
    But then I guess he wouldn’t learn this hard lesson.

    hope it goes well!!!!

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