It’s The Most Wonderful Time…

Actually, it is far from the most wonderful time of the year.  I used to love everything about the holidays.  I still enjoy myself, but find myself counting down the days until January 2.  That magical day where all spontaneity ceases and the blessedly peaceful routine settles once more upon the G-family household.

We made the trip to Denver again to visit my sister for Thanksgiving.  We did our best to keep to a routine by doing the same types of activities at the same time each day, but there just wasn’t enough time for G to learn it and be comfortable with it.  By the end of the trip he was extremely contrary, “No, I won’t go to the Aquarium and have a lot of fun.  I won’t play my new games and I won’t watch my favorite show.  I won’t do any of that, I will only do the opposite.”  He never quite figured out what the opposite of all that was, but he was determined to do, or be, opposite.   Today was travel day and he once again had trouble processing what was spoken, repeating, “What did you say?” many times.  His behavior escalated throughout the afternoon until he was just plain mean to us.  I heard G banging on a door upstairs just before bed – I suspect DH locked himself in the bathroom for a few minutes for some emergency meditation.  I’m no fool, having taken the morning shift which involved arguing with G extensively before the sun even rose, I left them to work it out amongst themselves.  I’m certain we over-accommodated in an effort to be understanding and to keep the peace.  Tomorrow we will start cracking down on bad behavior and hold the line on rules and consequences.  Which means tomorrow will be hell.

We had plenty of good moments during our trip.  My sister had a full house so we stayed in a lovely hotel – a hotel whose pool opened at 6am.  We took turns getting up with G and taking him to the pool for a pre-dawn swim which really helped smooth out his rough edges.  He loved the “magic bed” aka sleeper sofa that he slept in.  He loved remembering our room number and was fascinated by the numbering system where each room on floor 5 also started with a 5.  We’d pass people in the hallway and he’d stop them to say, “Our door number is 511!  What is your door number?”  The people he stopped were very kind and didn’t act as if we were stalking them at all. 

Another great thing was to see how much G has matured in the past year.  Last year in preschool, G had lots of trouble with the very young kids who did not understand how to follow G’s rules.  G would respond by enforcing the rules physically.  My niece is just over 1 year old and is right at that chaotic, unpredictable age that usually sets G off.  He certainly got frustrated and would yell and wave his hands at her, but he never actually made contact with her.  This is tremendous progress! 

So our holiday season has officially started and I’m already exhausted and done.  I’m going to make a concerted effort to focus on the positive and to remember how far we’ve all come in the past year.   And to remember that there are only 34 more days until we’re done with all this craptastic fun!

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  1. -WHEW-! The holidays!!!! Why is it that it is only Dec 2 and I already feel behind?

    “I’m certain we over-accommodated in an effort to be understanding and to keep the peace. Tomorrow we will start cracking down on bad behavior and hold the line on rules and consequences.”

    That is SUCH a tough balance to find, isn’t it? You want to respect their sensitvities, but also not tolerate bad behavior. Where do you draw the line? What behavior must I accept, because he is who he is and some things can not change, and where is there room for improvment? Let me know if YOU figure it out!!!

  2. I hear you! Swimming has always been a great outlet, do you have a pool near you that you can continue “water therapy”?

    I find that when Evan is off from school things get tense.

    Thanks for your nice comment today, I appreciate it.

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