Holiday Hoopla

G has been out of school since Thursday of last week and I feel like we’re falling apart at the seams.  Even though we have a routine it’s all catching up with him.  He is imposing order by disagreeing with and correcting the tiniest details, repeating himself over and over until he’s acknowledged in the proper way at the proper time.  So he cannot be interrupted or even answered too quickly or he will repeat himself again.

He is also extremely emotional right now.  We think (but it’s just a theory) that the excitement and surprise of christmas gift-giving is triggering anxiety.  He really wanted to tell DH what he was getting for Christmas today.  DH stopped him and we tried to explain that it wouldn’t be fun if we told G what G was getting, so G shouldn’t tell DH what DH was getting because there wouldn’t be any surprise and that would be boring.  G burst into tears and proclaimed that he wanted a boring christmas and he wanted everyone else to have a boring christmas too.  It took quite awhile to get him calmed down and he remained very touchy the rest of the day.

10 days until January 2nd.  I can do this.  I am patient, I am strong.  10 more days…

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  1. We too have been suffering from holidayitis, and from what I’ve been seeing on other blogs, it is pandemic! A boring Christmas sounds like the perfect antidote!

    Thanks for pointing out that disagreeing with everything is a child’s way of imposing order. It gets so annoying that I forget this is a functional behavior, not a ploy to turn my hair white.

    Happy (boring) holidays to you!

  2. <>

    You’re welcome – but just because I understand what he’s doing doesn’t mean it isn’t maddening! lol Happy Boring Holidays to you too!

  3. Do you REALLY think we’ll make it? In my case, its actually Jan 5th when mine go back to school and we can all get back to normal here.

    But at least there’s blogging to show us that we are all in this boat together. I feel less guilty when I see others feel the same way and have the same challenges. Hang in there!

  4. oh, that hurts my heart that he wants a boring christmas. hope he enjoyed it, though. it has been hard on my percy, too.

    here’s to a wonderful new year, boring or not! 😉

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