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G is easily frustrated by looking for a toy.  He often wanted a specific toy, looked for 15-30 seconds before meltdown ensued.  We were able to teach him to ask for help when he felt frustrated, but this resulted in me looking for his toys all day long.  We have a new solution that is working well and I am so excited I had to share!

I just bought 2 more stackable storage units from, bringing our total up to 6.  This product has been a sanity saver.  See the mint green bins on the left side of the photo – that’s what they look like.  (except mine are honey colored wood)


The great thing is each compartment is not too big, so toys don’t often get lost underneath a large pile.  And they’re open so G is able to scan and find what he’s looking for relatively easily.  Prior to this, I had a toybox with a lid and if the box was already open, he’d peek in but not sort around for what he wanted.  If the lid was closed, it never occurred to him to open it before he hit his frustration threshold. 

I currently have 4 bins stacked 2 high (and can’t wait for the 2 new bins to arrive) and they line one wall of our playroom.  I’ve used duct tape to label each compartment and teaching him to put his toys away in the proper bin has been really easy.  We have bins for legos, blocks, board games, other games (without boards), balls, music, books and one bin for misc.  I still have to verbally direct him to pick up each item and ask him in which bin it should be placed, but any parenting I can do from the couch is welcome.  heh heh  It is also helping him find what he’s looking for because I can direct him to the correct bin when he asks for help.  He’s even stuck a hand in to swish the toys around upon being prompted.  It soothes my organized soul while helping G learn some basic executive functioning skills.  I give it 2 thumbs up!

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  1. These look great!

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