Fun Day!

We had such a fun day today!  We live in a small town with no chain stores and just a market vs a large grocery store.  So once every month or two we trek to a larger town about 1.5 hours away and load up on bulk sized necessities like dog food and powdered coffee creamer.  (I freakin love powdered coffee creamer)  Sometimes this trip can be a nightmare with G.  I would imagine this would not be a fun day for any kid, really, but it can be particularly hard if G decides he doesn’t want to participate.  But we have to go, and one parent attempting this trip alone would be pretty difficult, so we just grit our teeth and go with it.  Over time, we’ve developed a system and a rhythm to these days and it is getting much easier.

For example, today we needed to go to Tar.get, JCPen.neys, and the grocery store.  We let G know well in advance what we needed to get from each store and told him the order in which we’d be visiting the stores.  We hit the first 3 and got what we needed, including a new leapster game from Tar.get for the ride home and got lunch at G’s favorite pizza/pasta place.  Then because we got most of our chores done we got our reward – bowling!  It was such a fun hour.  The place was packed with families and birthday parties but none of the ambient noise seemed to bother G.  He loves bowling so he was very focused on what he was doing and would get so excited whenever he saw anyone get a strike.  It was hilarious! 

After bowling we wrapped up our day with the grocery shopping and G got his new game for the ride home.  Dh and I were remembering how difficult some of these trips were in the past.  No guarantee that it won’t be hard again if G is having an off day, but I feel like we’ve got this particular chore figured out.

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  1. it’s wonderful and amazing when you can figure out how to make things work for your kid, isn’t it? like you said, it doesn’t guarantee that things will always go that smoothly, but it sure feels good when things DO go well. 🙂

  2. Wow! What a fantastic achievement. I raise my coffee and heaps of powdered creamer in homage to you!

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