Bursting With Pride

G’s team has formally tested his math proficiency and has decided to have him take math class with the 2nd graders.  He actually hit the proficient mark for 3rd grade math but the year is mostly over so he’d have to catch up a bit to go to math there.  The second grade teacher is familiar with G and is very excited to have him join her class.  I am beyond thrilled!!

Taking math with the 2nd grade class means he’d miss recess with the kindergarteners.  Recess is important for him so they’ve decided he should go to recess with the 2nd graders right after math.  He’ll have an aide with him every day to help him navigate the new social environment.  But they’re also testing a theory that the older kids established social skills might help him develop his own social skills to a more age-appropriate level.  Right now he seems to get in trouble with the other kids that have some deficiencies in this area instead of playing with the kids that would help him progress.  I am very intrigued by this idea.  Anyone have any similar experience they could share?

I love this school.  I love that they’re so willing to address G’s strengths as well as his challenges.  And so far they’ve initiated all these great ideas on their own, we haven’t had to fight for anything.  Moving to this town for this school was the best decision ever!

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  1. How wonderful that you’ve got a school and a team who are so willing to place G where he’s best suited. This is incredible!

  2. That is amazing. You are so lucky to have a school that is so pro-active. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even consider that at our school.
    Good luck to your little man. I hope it works out!!

  3. A great school can be life changing for our children. I’m so glad to hear that everything is moving in the right direction.

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