Math – Day One

G’s first day in 2nd grade math was yesterday (teacher work day on monday) and it seemed to go well!  They said he bounced all the way up to the classroom and we very excited when he could raise his hand and answer a question.  The teacher seems well suited for G and happy to have him join her class.  She also sends home a little report page to give us a quick idea of how the class went.

I really want this to work out!  I have a couple of concerns.  First, G will be missing PE for math and PE is his most favorite class.  I worry that when the novelty of math wears off he’ll realize what he’s missing and refuse to go anymore.  Second, I’m still nervous about him going to recess after math with the 2nd graders.  He has an aide with him, and by aide I mean the school psychologist who I adore so there is no one better qualified.  But I still worry about the kids not wanting to play with him.  I’m having a hard time letting go of the mama-bear and letting him experience life with it’s ups and downs on his own.  On his own with his aide, that is. 

G did word problems yesterday.  Amazing word problems for a kindergartner.  Like “G bought 2 strips of 10 balloon stickers and 4 teddy bear stickers, then bought 3 strips of 5 star stickers and 2 rainbow stickers.  How many stickers does G have?”  I am so impressed with him and so proud I’m bragging about him all over town.  And the internet.  lol

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  1. You deserve to brag!!! Brag on sister!

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