G got a St Patrick’s Day package from his Grams and was very excited.  In the package was a card and in the card she wrote, “Hope you like the movie.”  The problem?  There was no movie included in the package.

G:   How come it says hope I like the movie but there is no movie in the package?  Where is the movie?  Is the movie lost?  What movie was it?  Where is the movie?  Do I like the movie?  What movie?  Where is the movie?

After 30 minutes, I had him place a call to his grams, who wasn’t home so he left a message.  Grams called back later that day.  He saw her name on the caller ID and upon answering immediately launched into his interrogation.

G:  Hi Grams, you sent me a card and said you hoped I liked the movie but there is no movie in the package.  What movie is it?  Where is the movie?

Grams apologized profusely.  She had selected a movie for the package and then found an activity book she thought G would like better.  So she decided to save the movie for an Easter gift, forgetting that she had already mentioned the movie in the card.  This appeased G to some degree.  Grams promising to send the movie out in the mail tomorrow was even better.

I think she learned her lesson.  😉

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  1. When they say our kids are literal they mean LITERAL. *L* Glad it’s getting straightened out.

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