Rigid thinking

G’s been home with the flu all week, which has really kept us hopping.  In one respect, this really torks me off since we did a lot of legwork to track down the flu mist in November to respect G’s current shot phobia.  In another, we only got him half vaccinated because he needed to go back for a second dose 6 weeks after the first, at which point they’d run out of the mist so we decided to ‘take our chances.’  Live and learn, I suppose.

Tonight G and I played a board game where you draw a card, look at the picture and find a word that rhymes with the picture on the board.  It can be a great game for abstract thinking and for helping G learn to find something in a chaotic scene.  (there’s a term for that but it’s escaping me right now)

I drew a card that had an empty picture frame and an arrow pointing to the frame to make it clear that the word to rhyme with was ‘frame.’  G was just as sure that the word to rhyme with was ‘up’ because the arrow in the middle of the frame was pointing up.  No amount of convincing would change his mind.  I showed him that the arrow could just as easily be pointing down or left or right.  G insisted I was holding the card wrong because clearly the arrow was supposed to be pointing up.  I had G look for words that rhymed with up while I found words that rhymed with frame.  I found two, G found zero. 

By now, G and I were laughing too hard in our efforts to convince each other they were wrong so we called a halt to the game.  The ‘abstract thinking’ lesson was a partially successful in that G was able to look at the picture in a fresh new way.  It was unsuccessful in that he was unable to see another point of view.  But we had a lot of fun and that’s most important!

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