Feeling Tense

G’s having problems with defiance and behavior in school right now.  Not unexpected since he’s readjusting to school after a 2 week break.  His teacher has been staying in close communication and we’ve been discussing the issues.  Sounds great, yes?

Except I find these emails, which I requested in his IEP, really make me tense.  I feel like I should be doing something to address the issues with immediate results.  I feel the need to ‘fix the problem’ and fix it now!  I’m trying to relax and let G’s week simply happen because I think once he gets back into the routine he’ll level out.  But it is really hard.  I’m also worried about being tense and anxious and having G pick up on that, which will make a bad situation worse.  How do I handle this?  What do you do when the school contacts you with problems about your kids?

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  1. I think of the reports only as a way for the teachers to keep me in the loop, rather than as a plea for me to fix a problem. Unless they specifically ask for my input or participation in problem-solving, I let what happens at school STAY at school.

    And then I eat extra dessert to keep up my strength. Practicing detachment is hard work.

  2. “I feel the need to ‘fix the problem’ and fix it now! ”

    Oh gosh, I can SO relate to this. I think all moms can, but especially those of us who are raising kids who are challenging in many different ways. As mothers, we’re raised to believe that there is a way to “fix” everything. I think though that your attitude that you’re striving toward (let his week happen) is the right approach. If only we could all just let it happen….

    Hang in there, friend.

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