In January, I moved a bookcase from another room into G’s room to handle his large collection of books.  G hated the bookcase in his room and wanted it moved out immediately.  He would wake us up in the middle of the night to tell us to get it out of his room.  I negotiated a compromise, telling him the bookcase would stay in his room until February and if in February he still wanted it moved out I would do it gladly.  By the time February came the bookcase was an accepted part of his room and he didn’t fuss about it any  more.

We’ve maintained a small second home for awhile now but due to economic conditions we’ve sold it and close on it in May.  G is not thrilled but has started to come around.  He’s asked to move all his baseball-room stuff from the second house up to here, where he currently has a solar system themed room.  I decided to take advantage of the glimmer of willingness to change by doing a bit of a furniture shuffle.  As G grows his clothes are getting bigger and bulkier, and the small dresser he’s had since he was born just isn’t doing the job.   So I’m moving in a 2 dresser set from my room in the other house, a tall one and a wide one, that will handle his clothes as he grows up.  To accommodate them, I have to move out the bookcase. 

I began prepping G for this change by telling him the plan yesterday.  I made it positive, kept it brief and dropped it immediately after.   This morning,  G informed me that he would never-ever-ever move his bookcase out of his room because he loves it.  He will let me move the dressers in but only if he keeps his bookcase too. 

There is just no way to make all this fit.  He’s in the smallest room in the house because it is right next to our bedroom.  In fact, it the room is intended to be a small office and doesn’t even have a closet, which is another reason he needs 2 dressers, but the other rooms are on the other side of the house and we’re not comfortable with him that far away yet. 

My plan is to not argue with him when he makes these declarations.  I’ll tell him I hear and understand him so he doesn’t repeat himself 200 times, but won’t disagree.  A couple times a week when he’s in a good mood, I’ll simply restate the plan and not argue with his rejection.  Then the weekend we have movers booked I’ll make the change quickly, like ripping off a band-aid.  Hopefully with all his baseball bedding and photos switched in he won’t even notice.  (yeah right)  I’ll quietly and firmly withstand the meltdowns removing the bookcase will spark and come up with another deal, like if he still wants the bookcase on his birthday (in august) then we’ll talk about it again.  But I won’t promise to move it back in, I’ll just promise to discuss it.

What do you think of that plan?  Does it have a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding?

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  1. Well, it worked the first time around…all I can offer is good luck!

  2. Yes, good luck! 🙂 Also, G sounds SO much like my own Little Man. My little guy is always doing 180’s like that on me, just when I think I have things figured out. They’re always keeping us on our toes, aren’t they?

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