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I’m feeling pretty content right now.  G’s had a couple good weeks at school, which means more good days than bad instead of the other way around.  We made the bookcase/dresser switch yesterday and so far he seems fine with it.  We’ll bring up his baseball bedding this weekend and finalize his new room.  He seems pretty excited about that.  I used to have some solar system wall decals stuck all around his room and he asked if we could take them down last week.  They come off after rubbimg them with a wet sponge so I got a couple sponges and had him help me.  He did a really good job!

G’s also started T-ball this week.  It’s his first organized team activity and he is doing well!!  We picked T-ball over soccer because he has an interest in baseball and because it is the sport where physical contact is kept to a minimum.  With soccer the kids all bunch up around the ball which increases the likelihood that G will misinterpret the situation and lash out at another child.  He got a little shovey the first day while they were waiting in a line but other than that he’s great.  He listens intently to the coach and tells us everything he learned when he gets home.  When the coach says ‘take a knee’ G drops right down immediately.  It works so well to get him to listen, I’m thinking of using this at home!  lol 

I was worried with his toe-walking and general clumsiness he’d be at a disadvantage, and while he’s the tallest boy with the longest legs he is one of the slowest runners.  But his throwing , hitting and catching are pretty age appropriate.  I’d say he’s right in the middle of the pack, skill-wise, so I’m very pleased.  I don’t expect him to be the next baseball phenom but I didn’t want him to be the worst either.  I have last-one-picked flashbacks to my own childhood that stress me out.

His class is having a mothers day picnic in the park today.  I’m off to get my lunch packed!  Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.  I hope everyone gets a chance to relax this weekend.

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  1. I really related to the part about how G responds to the coach. The Captain had a sixth grade teacher who used to BE a coach and he addressed all his students in that manner. No nonsense approach turned out to be pretty successful! I think our kids relate better when things are black and white, sir, YES SIR! 🙂

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