G has long had problems with the fine motor tasks of buttoning or snapping his clothes.  We compensated for a long time by simply buying pull-over shirts and pants with fully elastic waistbands.  But G is a large boy.  When he was starting to outgrow his size 6 pants (at age 4) I looked at the size 7 selection and realized a fully elastic waistband was hard to find!  So I bought pants with snaps figuring they would be easier to work than buttons.

I put him in a new pair of jeans one day last fall and sent him to school, only to find at pickup that his pants were gaping open and falling off his hips.  He was unable to work the snap and his teachers have a hands-off policy to protect everyone.   So I went to plan B and found pants with a hook closure.  Those worked great for G, but would be unavailable once he grew into size 8’s.

So we kept the jeans with the snaps and would put them out for him to wear on the weekends.  He needed help every time he had cause to get undressed and we chose to help without comment.  I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, worrying he’d completely refuse to learn, but I’ll admit I was getting worried.  He’s already got so many social challenges and I was so afraid he’d go to 2nd grade next year and be the boy with his pants open.  I’m hypersensitive to anything that may make him stick out amongst his peers more than he already does.

But I am pleased to report that our laid-back plan has paid off!  Last weekend I noticed G’s zipper was down so I pointed it out.  Then I watched as he unsnapped his jeans, fixed the zipper and resnapped his jeans all on his own!  I’m breathing a sigh of relief – one more hurdle has been overcome.

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  2. Yeah!! My son is 6 and still prefers the elastic waist pants…or “sliders” as he refers to them! He can do the snap or button sometimes but I never know when he’ll return from school hanging wide open!

    Yeah for you guys!

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