Too Much Bragging

When I say we’re telling anyone who will listen that G is jumping to 2nd grade, I’m really not exaggerating.  G is sensitive to over-exuberance and if we compliment to enthusiastically he’ll reject all praise and refuse to do anything further.  So we’ve been careful to tell people factually and calmly but are still telling all our friends and family.  The other day, DH was on the phone with buddy and took the opportunity to tell him about G skipping 1st grade.  G was in the next room and apparently heard the conversation.  When DH hung up, G came in and announced he would not be going to 2nd grade.  Because they write in cursive and he doesn’t know cursive.  So he will never ever ever go to 2nd grade, he will only go to first.

We attempted to explain that the 2nd graders know cursive now because they’ve been learning it all year.  They didn’t know how to write in cursive when they first started the year.  And G didn’t realize that because he started joining the 2nd graders for math sometime after the winter break.  But that didn’t ease his anxiety and he still says he doesn’t want to go.

I’m sure this will pass.  I was able to find out  through the grapevine that next year, G will have the same teacher he’s been going to for math.  (don’t tell anyone I already know – it’s a secret)  This will go a long way toward making him comfortable.  In fact, I’m willing to bet he’ll be the most comfortable kid on the first day of school because he’ll know where everything is already.  DH and I just need to take note of the potential for anxiety and ease up on the bragging this summer. 

It’s interesting – we tend to downplay G’s challenges IRL.  We say he’s  sensitive to noise or changes in routine.  We’ll tell friends G got ‘upset’ when he really had a full-strength meltdown.  We tell people “that won’t work for G” when they’re planning too many high-energy activities in one time period without any time for sensory breaks.  This is just another example of our need to be understated.  I want to jump up and down when talking about how smart G is.  Instead, I need to channel my inner upper-crust Brit and instead simply say, “well done, chap.”

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