A Bit Irritating

Our town has a big summer camp program with tons of 1-2 week activities for the kids.   The child has to be 5 to participate so this is the first summer G has been eligible.  We were diligent about speaking to the director prior to signing up, asking many questions about kids with special needs, if they were set up to handle kids like that, what we needed to provide, etc.  They said they had no problems handing kids with special needs, that they do it several times each summer, asked if we needed an extra aide provided for each activity and asked us to give them a detailed explanation of what G’s needs are.

Because groups are typically 2 instructors to a max of 10 kids, we did not feel that an extra aide was needed.  We were very thorough about filling out their medical information forms.  We wrote a detailed list of G’s needs, from the extra moments of processing time he needs before he can answer your question to how to identify, head off or handle a meltdown.  We told them about our chewing gum trick and how to know when that would be needed.  Our information was accepted in a very reassuring way and we felt confident that they were on top of things.

Except … none of the teachers know G has Aspergers.  We lucked out with the first two week session and the lead teacher was one of his babysitters.  She knew all about G and I only had to brief her on his interaction with peers, as she normally babysits him alone.  I dropped him off for his second activity today (a weekend of kids yoga) and asked if the camp had notified the teacher of G’s aspergers.  She had no idea, and her eyes got quite wide.  So I went through my little spiel, which I’ve condensed to about two minutes now, left her all our contact numbers and made sure to tell her she could call us about anything.

I think G will be just fine.  He’s been through a two week summer camp type program already with only one afternoon where his teacher/babysitter needed to head off a problem by sending him to another room to cool off.   Yoga is a calming activity for G and one of his special interests.  I expect he’ll be very engaged in learning and as we use yoga as a tool for settling him when he gets edgy,  he should stay very relaxed. 

But I’m still irritated that all the work we did to advocate for G by typing up everything he needs appears to be stuck in a drawer somewhere and isn’t getting to the teachers that need the info.

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