Summer is Hard

I feel like my title could be my entire post.  Summer break is hard.  Not having a specific routine is hard.  Creating daily schedules so G feels secure is hard. 

G is in a 4 day summer camp this week and it was easy to get back into the swing of getting him up, feeding him breakfast, packing his lunch and taking him somewhere.  It was easy not because I got to drop my kid off somewhere, but because G seemed so relieved to be going somewhere.  In a sense, it’s as if he can’t wait to leave us.  I know it’s because on days like this the routine is rigid.  We have to be out the door at a certain time so all the morning activities have to be accomplished in a timely manner.  Once he gets to camp/school, they have a list of activities to accomplish that requires focus and scheduling.  He thrives on this, and while we try our best, we’re just not able to provide that level of rigidity.

From the parent’s perspective, I can’t wait for school to begin again.  (19 days!)  On monday, after I dropped G off at camp, I realized how much stress I was under when I sat down and relaxed with a quiet cup of coffee.  Without really being aware of it, I had reverted to survival mode.  Where every day the goal is to avoid a major meltdown by appeasing in some places and drawing a firm line in others.  In this mode, I’m not focused on working through issues or teaching new skills, I’m just focusing on keeping G’s mood even.  It is not a fun place to be – and I don’t think it’s a particularly productive place to be either because we’re not really progressing in any way.  It’s like we’re just holding our breath all summer. 

I wish we could keep him enrolled in camp activities all summer, but that isn’t financially feasible.  We enrolled him in as many as we could, and tried to space them out so there was one camp each month, but this last stretch between camps was a long one.  Maybe next time we move we should consider a year round school type environment.  The good news, is that we’ve almost made it.  In 19 days he’ll have a stable routine to count on.

Until Thanksgiving when the holiday hoopla begins.

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