Thanks, But No Thanks

One thing that drives me a bit batty is when we tell someone about G and the first thing they ask is if we’ve tried some alternative, unproven ‘treatment’ they’ve heard from a friend of a friend who has a cousin with a child for whom it worked wonders.  Adding to this is the fact that we live in a town where holistic and alternative treatments are routinely thought of as more trustworthy than big pharma/the government/physicians.  Our counties vaccination rate is shockingly low because our population is too ‘educated’ to be fooled by statistics and data.

The trouble is that it is easy for me to be blunt and rant on my faceless, nameless blog.  It is harder when I’m face to face with a very well-meaning neighbor.  It is very hard to tell someone who is testing their own saliva to determine their PH balance before they decide what to eat that day that I won’t experiement with any alternative therapies on my own child without sounding like I’m judging them.  And I really am not judging, even though I don’t feel that same consideration in return.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a new friend where she pulled me aside to give me the name of a doctor she’d just heard about.  This doctor used to be a chiropractor but now is some kind of naturopath who does amazing things with ‘analyzing one’s levels and bringing them into balance.’  And he apparently has done great things for autisic kids.  This is exactly the type of thing I’m against.  I thanked her for thinking of us and tried to change the subject.  But she didn’t let it go and I ended up telling her that we only use clinically tested medicine for G.  She looked at me like I was delusional.  Why does relying on scientific fact make me the delusional one?

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  1. My MIL went out and bought all of these natural cure books after meeting me and my son twice in an attempt to cure him and teach me about parenting.

    My husband’s defense? “She is only trying to help, she doesn’t know anything about autism.”

    Freaking ask me then…don’t insult my intelligence by giving me a book about vitamin cures.

    I am so picking up what you’re laying down sister!

  2. We approach The Boy’s treatment the same way. Several moms I chat with in the waiting room at OT discuss their bio-medical treatments and I usually keep quiet because I definitely feel like they judge me for not ‘trying harder’ to cure him. I’ve started bringing my iPod and a book to his appointments so I can avoid conversation entirely.

  3. […] we live in a community that eschew’s vaccination, the health dept had enough vaccine left over after several high-risk category vaccination clinics […]

  4. I don’t know why it makes us delusional. I find the same thing with many well meaning neighbours or acquaintences. I usually tell them I don’t follow those particular philosophies with Andrew after carefully researching and finding those approaches to not work for our family at this time. Generally they say nothing else. Thankfully, most of the other parents with autistic children that I hang out with, don’t subscribe to those methods either.

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