Taking a Deep Breath

We’re done with the first week of school.  The first two days were incredibly stressful.  G bit a boy at recess the first day and on the second day there was some kind of conflict (again at recess) and he hit his teacher.  These were the big offenses but he had lots of incidents of hitting and kicking his classmates.  The third day got better – he got mad at his teacher but didn’t get physical and spent a bit of time in his ‘cooling off’ spot.  Thursday and Friday were both very good days with lots of cooperation!

My suspicion is that G acted out due to anxiety.  He has a hard time with new routines and we do everything we can to prepare him for big changes.  He was assigned the same teacher he had last year for math.  She assigned him the exact same desk he used last year.  We went the week before school began and met the new special ed teacher and visited his teacher so he could see his desk, cubby and coat hook.  We got his first day and regular weekly schedule and I used those to write up a schedule card for him to take every day.  (he prefers checklists to the more traditional picture schedule)  He studied it in the morning at breakfast before taking it to school.  He kept it on his desk and checked off each activity.  They didn’t have a recess aide for him this week, and I think this was an error as it is in his IEP, but I’m told this will be corrected shortly.

I’m going through my extensive Aspergers/Autism library and reading everything I can about anxiety, looking for new approaches.  One thing we brought back Wednesday morning is the brushing and buzzing therapy we used when G was 3.  His school usually runs a ‘motor morning’ program but they haven’t started that up yet, so we did a home version after breakfast.  G and DH did wall pushups, wheel barrow walking, jumping jacks and stretching.  I think that in combination with G becoming familiar with the school routine again helped to calm things down.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how things go.  I’m finding a lot of material on anxiety, but not much on what to do when that anxiety manifests physically.  If you google ” Asperger’s and Hitting’ you find a lot of information about kids with Aspergers being bullied.  But what do you do when your kid with Asperger’s is the bully?

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