Waiting and Seeing

The presentation on differences was given friday and went well.  The school psychologist started out by having the kids pair up and notices differences in each other.  They talked about physical differences, moved on to physical disabilities and what they would do to include a classmate with a physical disability.  Then she talked about the brain and differences in how people think and feel before moving onto some examples of cognitive disabilities and asked what the kids could do to include classmates in that situation.  I left right before the end because I didn’t want G to catch me there but felt very comfortable with the information that was covered.

We also wrote our introductory letter and got it to the teacher in time to be placed in the kids friday folder.  We felt like that was the most discrete way to get the letter out.  It also gives the parents the weekend to talk with their kids about differences and inclusion.  (hopefully)  We left our phone number and email address on the letter and made it clear we were available to talk with any parent that had questions or wanted to talk about G and their child, but haven’t heard anything so far.

Another big event is that we introduced the concept of Asperger’s to G via the book All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome.  We chose this book for the level of information and the cute photos of kittens.  It was a big hit with G, he giggled at the silly kittens during the first read friday night.  Tonight, I asked him what book he wanted for bedtime and he selected the cat book again.  But this time he asked what Asperger Syndrome was.  I told him it was a description of how certain peoples brain’s worked.  And then I told him AS was a description of how his brain works and that is why we bought him the book.  He seems to have accepted that at face value but it can take some time for him to fully process the information so we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m nervous about drop off/pick up tomorrow.  And I’m nervous about back to school night.  But I’m nowhere near as freaked out as I was before we did this.  Taking action really went a long way to calming me down.  I know we’ve done everything we can.  Again, I just have to wait and see.

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