Cautiously Optimistic

Back to school night seemed to go well.  We didn’t have any actual conversations with other parents because it was a madhouse, but they seemed friendly to us.  Today was a day off for parent conferences and G’s teacher let us know that she has had many positive reactions to our letter.  I asked if the situation with the parent who had specifically expressed concerns had been resolved.  She said yes, that the parent remarked that they understood better now that they had all the information and were able to talk with their child about how to handle things with G. 

So I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.  The end of last week and the beginning of this week have gone well for G.  His schedule has all the kinks worked out, he has a workable behavior plan and an aide to support him during recess.  An alternative recess is available for days he refuses to go to the general recess or is not allowed to go because of an earlier infraction.  His teacher seems to have developed a good relationship with G and understands better what sets him off and what calms him.   We’ve held off the potential of a parental mob and instead have taken the first steps toward understanding and acceptance.  And we’ve also taken the first steps toward talking to G about autism.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot from this experience, but it’s so jumbled right now I can’t put it into words.  I’m having some strong reactions to the latest video from Autism Speaks and from some comments on other blogs blowing off aspergers as trying to belong to a ‘cutsie’ club.  I’m angry about all of that, particularly in light of the last 3 weeks.  But I’m so exhausted from running, meeting, explaining and advocating for G, I just can’t deal with it all right now.  I admire the people that can fight for autism advocacy in a broad sense and make an impact on the national/global conversation.  But right now, I’ve got to keep my energry focused on my family.

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