Life Lessons

G and I spent some time this afternoon doing our favorite thing – baking.  We decided to make brownies today, which is something I am incapable of baking correctly.  I’ve tried both mixes and from-scratch recipes and for some reason they never turn out.  They’re either extremely goopy (G loves to tell people that you have to eat my brownies with a spoon) or baked into something resembling charcoal. 

I love baking with G is because it is such a great way to teach important life lessons.  In my opinion, there is no better way to teach a child about focusing, following instructions exactly and having patience.  The end result is such a great reward for the time he puts in.  We’re able to work  a little math in with fractions and measurements and some fine motor work when it comes to manipulating the measuring spoon.

We perused our cookbook collection and decided to try a new recipe for brownies.  The fact that it hasn’t worked out the last 30 times we attempted brownies was no deterrent.  After all, what lesson is more important than picking yourself up after a failure and trying again?

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