Pretty Good Week

Last week was a pretty good one.  First, it seems the parents of the girl G touched accepted our apology.  DH said he was outside the classroom when the mom approached him.  He was shocked and had a bit of a brain freeze so he wasn’t able to provide me with much detail on the conversation.  But he did say the mom spoke with the principal, who apparently reassured her we work very hard with G, and apologized for not being ready to hear our apology initially.  That’s all I really know, but it does make me feel somewhat better that the principal is able to tell other parents how much effort we put into helping and supporting G.  Still, I wish the entire incident had never happened and we’ve been drilling G on appropriate touching rules ever since it happened.

Second, we had parent/teacher conferences last week and G is doing awesome in 2nd grade!  He’s still way ahead in math and spelling, did great on the maps and geography unit they did and scored great on reading sight words.  I thought he would still have some reading comprehension issues but scored very well there too.  He needs some prompting to start retelling  a story the way they’d like, but really very well, all things considered.  It’s really a relief that we can put all academic issues aside and focus on behavioral and organizational issues.

Finally, G’s teacher uses a traffic light behavior system and G is usually on Red one day per week.  But last week, he didn’t hit red once!  He was on yellow twice, but right now yellow is acceptable.  So we took G out to dinner to celebrate.  Not a bad week!

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