G’s Olympic Trials

Our ski town had some olympic qualifying events over the weekend, so we took G to see them as a test run for the olympics.  We brought a folding chair as the spectating area was standing room only (must check on this for the actual olympics)  so he could be comfortable.  He watched for maybe 10 minutes before getting bored.  So Dh whipped out his ipod, I whipped out the headphones from my massive mom-bag, and G watched episodes of Fetch With Ruff-Ruffman – his current obsession.  We were able to watch the entire 90 minute competition this way.  I didn’t need the snacks, games, books, hand warmers, or noise cancelling headphones also stuffed in my massive mom-bag, but was still glad I had them just in case.

I’m really not upset that G only watched for 10 minutes, either.  I figure that is a typical attention span for any 6 year old.  Maybe a tad short, but still reasonable.  As long as G is entertained so that I can see the olympic games, I’m satisfied.  Because, as I’ve mentioned before, this experience is all about me.  😉

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