On a couple different occasions, G expressed interest in the boy scouts – one of his classmates is a scout and comes to school on meeting day wearing his uniform shirt.  I’m always looking for structured social opportunities where his peers can get to know him better and scouts seems like it would be a perfect fit for G.  We held off at the beginning of the school year because I didn’t want to overwhelm G, preferring to focus on getting through the first rough months of the school year.  We’re also very cautious about after school activities because he needs his down time after getting through the day.  But after discussing things with the scout leader we decided to give this a try.

A couple days ago, DH picked him up from school and told him they were going to G’s first cub scout meeting.  G was so excited.  (we didn’t tell G ahead of time to make sure he didn’t get anxious and worked up)  At the meeting, DH said G was very focused and that he was hanging over the other kids shoulders to read their handbooks.  When he got his own handbook, he started reading it immediately.  In the car on the way home, G said, “I can’t believe I’m a cub scout.  It’s so cool that I’m a cub scout.”  At dinner, he was incredibly animated and told me all about the meeting.  He volunteered the information – I didn’t have to interrogate him.  That is huge!  That night, he stayed up too late reading his handbook and keeps saying he can’t wait for his next meeting.  It is so precious!  He’s so cute about this I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George.

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  1. How exciting!! My Andrew is in his first year of Scouting here…in Canada the level is called Beavers. He loves it, looks forward to it every week and the leaders are just fantastic and the whole section is very inclusionary (is that a word? lol). G will have an absolute blast.

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