Today was the first day back after the three day weekend where we had a house full of guests.  G dealt with disrupted routines, playing with and getting along with children both his age and younger, and lots of general activity with little down time.  Our company left late last night and today was ski-pe, which means extra steps to getting ready for school.  We also woke up to snow which means the trip to school is a bit slower.  In essence, everything worked to slow us down today.

This is a problem because if a child is more than 5 minutes late to school on ski-pe day, they miss the bus and do not get to participate.  Instead, they hang out with the other kids that miss the bus in a study hall.  When I realized how late we were running, I started to stress over how G would handle missing the bus.  I coached him on racing to put on his coat as soon as I parked the car.  I had him grab his lunch and helmet and then had him run to his classroom.  I turned in his skis and boots to the organizers then turned around to find G behind me, confused about where he was supposed to go.  I snapped at him to get to his classroom and we raced up the stairs and down the hall.  I got him to his class with maybe 30 seconds to spare and was able to take a couple minutes to get the rest of his gear on him.

The really amazing thing is that G handled this chaos wonderfully.  He didn’t get fussy, get stubborn or melt down – even after I snapped which is usually a sure-fire trigger.  He understood the importance of not dawdling and did his best to do what he needed to do as quickly as he could.  Getting a little confused about heading to his classroom, in an environment where there were parents who are normally not present heading every which direction was as bad as it got.  As soon as I reminded him of his task, he was back to getting it accomplished.

I worry there might be a delayed reaction/meltdown, but he’s with the adaptive sports volunteers who can handle it.  But I’m also hopeful that there won’t be any problems.  I’m noticing lately that G has really matured from where he was one or two years ago.  He is doing so much better at being flexible and handling changes in his routine.  He is communicating so much more effectively now.  We still have stumbles, but to compare where we were as a family a year ago to where we are now just amazes me.  It gives me so much hope for G’s future.

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  1. It’s amazing what they can cope with when we least expect it – or at least that’s the way it is around here all too often.

  2. It’s always a surprise – the situations I’m afraid of often go just fine, and then there will be problems when I least expect it. I guess it’s never boring! 🙂

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