Sleeping In!

G took another small but meaningful step toward independence this weekend.   Operation Sleeping Beauty was a complete success!  Friday after school, I gave G the choice of waking us up to go downstairs with him or going downstairs on his own.  He really wanted to try going on his own, so once again I set up his dry cereal and his cup of milk.  I forgot to mention in the previous post on this topic that G eats his cereal and drinks his milk separately because he does not like it when his cereal gets wet.  Once I put everything downstairs he was all set for breakfast.

Saturday morning, promptly at 6am, I heard G’s door open.  I listened as he walked past our room and down the stairs.  After 10 minutes or more with no other noise, I drifted back to sleep.  Heavenly!  I woke up again at the luxurious hour of 7am and went down to find G had finished his breakfast and was blissfully playing his wii.  We had a babysitter Saturday night and he proudly told her about his new special weekend privilege.  This morning (sunday) was also successful and DH got to sleep in until 7 as well!  I know 7 doesn’t sound late to most people, but it’s quite a treat for us.  Maybe after awhile we’ll all be more confident with this new system – right now we’re both dozing with one ear open – and we’ll be able to sleep until 7:30.

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  1. That sounds like a successful weekend! YAY for sleeping in! My 9 year old, who is borderline Aspergers, hates milk on his cereal too…has since he was little. He doesn’t like how it makes the cereal soggy.

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