G’s school has been selected to participate in a pilot program whereby his school was designated as a model school for autism.  It’s done in conjunction with specialists from one or more universities in our state where they observe the ASD students in the school and work to develop new methods to properly support the students.  There is teacher training and parent coaching sessions associated with this program and we are super excited. 

Yesterday, we were approached to sign a release allowing G and his class to be videotaped for training purposes.  Apparently all the ASD students and their classes will need to sign similar releases.  DH was reluctant and read every word of the release before signing.  I was not bothered by it at all and was curious about DH’s reservations.  He told me that when he was in high school he dated a girl with multiple physical disabilities who had been photographed as a child.  That photograph was used in a national charity’s advertising campaign for years and the girl absolutely hated it.  She felt she continued to be used by the charity because she looked pathetic enough to elicit pity donations.

That story has given me lots to think about.  I want any video taken of G to be positive – to be used to show educators that with proper support kids with autism can thrive and achieve anything.  The idea that it might be used as a cautionary tale or that it might haunt him well into adulthood is something I hadn’t really considered.  We signed the release so I guess we’ll just have to see how it all plays out.  I always want to believe that people’s motivations are good and that our school is doing it’s best by G and I plan to maintain my positive outlook until proven otherwise.  But I am glad I have DH on my team to provide a dose of reality when it’s necessary.

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