In two hours some old college friends arrive for a ski vacation.  The best part is, they have three kids 8, 6 and 4.  G is over the moon.  He cannot wait to meet the new kids.   He’s repeatedly gone over their names and ages, “C is 8 and he’s a boy, B is 6 and he’s a boy, A is 4 and she’s a girl.”  (The messy haircut that is in style right now really messes with G’s ability to distinguish boys from girls so he memorizes who is who.)

He’s gone through his toys to see what the kids might like to play.  He’s very excited to have an 8 year old over because as a second grader, many of G’s classmates are 8.  He is realizing that the 8 year old has the best chance of sharing his interests and being able to play some of the more advanced games he prefers.  He’s made sure to figure out where everyone is going to sleep.  He knows what activities we’re going to do while they’re here.  He found out the boys are also in scouts has dug out his pinewood derby car to show them when they arrive.  He even asked DH if they boys could attend his cubscout meeting with him.  This one is so amazing to me – he actually thought to extend an invitation to attend his scout meeting!!

It is just wonderful to see how animated he is.  It’s also wonderful to see how much he is putting himself in their shoes to consider what they might like to do and what they might find interesting.  Even a month ago, I would have said this is an area of weakness for G, but what I’m seeing right now is more than I’d expect from a typical six year old.  Even if the visit is a total disaster, and I seriously doubt it will be, I am so incredibly proud of him right now.

And another bonus – he’ll have an opportunity to practice all the social skills I talked about in my last post from the privacy of our home, surrounded by understanding and accepting adults.  Where we can focus on G without worrying about the judgemental eyes of strangers.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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