Spring Break Summary

We took G to Florida for a week to see his grandparents and hang at the beach.  Overall, it wasn’t a bad trip and we had several fun moments building sand castles, learning to crack crab legs and visiting an aquarium.  Yet it was still a difficult trip. 

We had several serious meltdowns, one at Disney’s Blizzard Beach where he ran from me and when DH got to him, G picked up a lawn chair and tried to throw it at him.  Another time, DH and G were floating on inner tubes out in the gulf.  G jumped off his tube for some reason and needed help.  DH pulled him onto his tube, but by that time G’s tube had floated too far away.  DH tried to swim out to it while keeping G safe and secure, but couldn’t catch up.  Realizing his tube was lost forever, G completely lost it.  He started hitting, kicking, screaming, tried to jump off the tube he was on to get to the other tube, hitting more when DH kept him close.  It was a dangerous situation -DH was exhausted when he finally got G back on the beach.  G was extremely delicate the rest of the day and at points would suddenly wail about his tube and scream at DH for not saving it.

The rest of the trip was characterized by general whining, defiance and threats.  G’s latest thing is to threaten retaliation when we warn him that he’s about to lose a privilege.  We’re trying to crack down on this and hope it passes quickly because it is incredibly frustrating.

Our travel home yesterday was pretty good.  But I’m wondering if G was just barely holding it together because he’s surely letting loose on us today.  We’re at the point where I’m going to write the school to warn them how off G is and remind them of the accommodations in place.  It’s easy to get relaxed because he’s been doing so very well this year, but complacency is not his friend right now. 

I know we’ll get through this, but sometimes I really wonder if vacations are really worth it.

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