Lessons Learned

DH and I have been doing a fair amount of post-game analysis, trying to figure out why our trip to the Olympics was so successful but a simple beach trip was so hard.  What we’ve realized is that we put a lot of effort into preparing G for the trip to Vancouver.  We’re never going to be able to spend a year prepping G for a normal vacation, but we should have done more.  We chatted about the beach and G’s current interest is dolphins and sharks so we read lots of books.  But we should have spent more time talking about our trip, maybe looking at a map of Florida, we could have shown him pictures of the beach house we rented, etc.

Another difference is because we had tickets to events for the olympics, our itinerary was rigidly scheduled.  I even went so far as to have a spreadsheet of the week printed out where I had blocks of time marked out for the event in one color and blocks of time for travel marked out in another color.  (I’m anal)  Based on that, we knew when we needed to eat, when we could ski, when we could go snowtubing, and I had all of that info penciled in on my spreadsheet.  G would check it every morning while he ate breakfast and that gave him a solid understanding of what would happen that day.

When we went to the beach, we had a handful of activities planned but we didn’t have a set schedule.  Some was dependant on the weather and some was dependant on how we felt that day.  In hindsight, that was too vague for G.  We should have planned out our week and written it out for G to see.  Perhaps we don’t need to be so rigid as to have the whole week planned in advance, maybe writing it out the night before and having G look it over before bed would have been enough.  Maybe we do need the entire week sketched out and can simply tell G that if the weather changes, we’ll substitute one day for another.

It’s clear we became overconfident after our trip to the olympics.  But I think we’ve learned some valuable lessons that will hopefully keep G feeling secure during the long summer break.

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