Head… Exploding…

One of the more frustrating habits G has is to state his opinion as fact and to absolutely disagree with any other opinion – because his opinion is fact.  We’re working to teach the difference between fact and opinion and to encourage the exchange of ideas in a more constructive manner.

It’s frustrating, but I understand the source of his difficulty and am reasonably patient with him.  However, when my husband displays the same behavior, it drives me absolutely batshit crazy.  Dh and I are going to dinner tonight (date night – whoohoo) but it’s off-season right now so all but a handful of restaurants are closed.  We just had the following conversation:

Me:  DH, could you call the sushi place and see if they’re open tonight?

DH:  I don’t think they’re open.

Me:  Could you call and find out?

DH:  They’re not on OpenTable

Me:  They don’t take reservations, so they wouldn’t be on OpenTable even if they were open.  How about you call and find out?

DH:  Their sister restaurant isn’t open.

Me:  Can you just call them and see if there’s a recording or something?

Dh:  Ok, but I doubt they’re open.


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