Highs and Lows Part II

I’m having such an emotional day.  We took G to our town’s park to enjoy the nice day and he wanted to ‘ride’ his bike.  I’ve read anecdotal reports of difficulty riding a bike being linked to asperger’s and can definitely say that is true in our case.  DH has taken the pedals off G’s bike so it’s a big strider bike and that works best for now, G needs to get more comfortable with steering and show that he can take his feet off the ground before adding pedals.  He gets lots of looks and stares because he’s this giant kid very awkwardly pushing himself around.  Usually it isn’t a big deal but today it really got under my skin.  I caught myself glaring at people for daring to look at my child.
After riding around he wanted to play on the playground and ran into a couple classmates from kindergarten.  He was able to approach the boys and join their game smoothly.  DH and I didn’t have to sit right next to G to make sure he understood all the social stuff, we were able to sit back a distance and enjoy the sun.  We also noticed that while G’s language is still stilted and slower than the other boys, his ability to express himself has really improved this year.  One of the boys got frustrated with him and asked him to stop doing something, which is usually when G would react by hitting.  This time, he just stopped.  No yelling, no meltdown, no hitting – he just stopped and moved onto a different activity.
Then the two boys ran off to do something else.  They didn’t try to include G or bring G along with them.  And G didn’t even notice.  He just sat where he was and continued collecting sticks (I think they were pretending to build a campfire) and arranging them just so.  He was content so I guess I should be too, but it twisted my heart.  G has grown so much this year and I’m incredibly proud of him.  But I admit I’m a little discouraged to realize that even with all this tremendous progress, there is still so far to go.
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  1. I so hate the highs and lows. I hope you find a high to get you out of the funk soon.

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